Sun Ho & The Messiah | The Hacking Technique


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First and foremost, let me start off this article by disclaiming any kind of involvement with the Sun Ho saga. Neither myself nor my void deck cat, has anything to do with defacing a website or abusing a horse.

What you are about to read are based on my personal observations of similar hacks that have occurred. One case in point is the National Parks Board hack which my team and I had first identified a couple of years back when I was still with TBWG. Teo Chee Hean and CID still owe us teh tariks for that.

This article is intended to educate the readers in light of the second coming – as put forth by┬áThe Messiah aka Ub3r Pr3ach3r.

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KONY 2012 – Why the Campaign is a Sham


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Social media has been an effective tool in creating awareness for a particular subject or cause and the first instinct many would have is to share which inevitably contribute to its virality. The problem here is, what is a million share when most do not even understand the background or research enough in knowing what exactly they are sharing; and once shared, what’s next?

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So You Want To Go To Bhutan? – A Guide to the Land of the Thunder Dragon


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If there is one country in Asia in which its system of governance has not been heavily influenced by Western policies, it’s Bhutan – the land of the thunder dragon, where plains and valleys stretches as far as the eyes can see.

This landlocked country is located at the eastern end of the Himalayas and bordered between India and China and is the second fastest growing economy in the world with tourism forming the bulk of it’s GDP. There are no skyscrapers or an extensive network of transport system. It has only one international airport with only one runway constructed between valleys. This is the country that in 1999, the government lifted a ban on television and the Internet, making Bhutan one of the last countries to introduce television.

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Savings Account – Doing It The Right Way With Better Interests


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If you park your personal savings in either UOB, OCBC and/or DBS/POSB Savings Account, you are doing it wrong.

It’s a known fact that these Top 3 local banks pays the lowest interest rate and that what you need to look into are the foreign banks that have branches here like CIMB, Maybank, ICICI Bank etc.

What are interest rates on your savings account and why is it important?

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Unauthorized Cash Withdrawals – How It Happened and How To Prevent It


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I read with great discomfort about the recent spate of unauthorized cash withdrawals from Singapore bank accounts with DBS/POSB through a Malaysian source.

DBS said in a statement late on Thursday that the average amount withdrawn was about S$1,000 per account. “We are treating the matter with utmost priority and would like to assure customers that they will be fully compensated for any unauthorised withdrawals within 24 hours,” Jeremy Soo, head of the bank’s consumer banking unit in Singapore, said in a statement. – Reuters

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Tax-Deductible Charitable Donations – Why You Should Donate


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(Edited on 3rd September 2013: Changed a typo, it should be “Taxable income and not Tax Payable”.)

I was having lunch yesterday with an ex-classmate of mine and we were on the subject of tax-deductible charitable donations. I was actually surprise to hear that he was not aware of such tax deductions accorded for donations to charity!

So what are “Tax-Deductible Charitable Donations” and how can it benefit you?

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Of Wages & The 13th Month Bonus


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I chanced upon an article with regards to the 13th Month Bonus which the writer ‘questions’ the rationale behind it. Read the article here first.

In summary, the writer mentions that a Singaporean employee is underpaid by 29 days and the 13th Month bonus paid by employers are in actuality the amount that the Singapore employee rightfully deserved and not a bonus at all.

The writer derived his concurrence based on a simple calculation of the number of days/weeks in a calendar year. An excerpt from his article:

1 month 4 weeks.
You get paid 12 times a year = 12 x 4 = 48 weeks.
There are 52 weeks in a year. 52 – 48 = 4 weeks unpaid

I for one believe that the article is flawed. Why?

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So You Want To Migrate? – A Comparative Analysis Of Two Countries

I came across an interesting website that allows you to compare your homeland (or any other countries) with another country of your choosing in which it will detail the socio-economic aspects of the countries you are comparing.


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